Soften Lines for the Holidays with 3 Neuromodulators


Soften Lines for the Holidays with 3 Neuromodulators


Speaker 1: So another question we get asked often is what works best for wrinkles, creases, and folds in the aging face. So the answer to that is our neuromodulators, such as Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. These reduce muscle activity that cause moderate to severe wrinkles to form, and the neuromodulators temporarily reduce the activity, which actually reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, such as crows feet, frown lines, and platysmal bands in the neck. The nasolabial folds actually are filled with a hyaluronic acid or non-hyaluronic acid filler. Also the chin crease can also be filled with those types of filers to soften the face.

2 Types of Injectables to Fulfill Your Holiday Wish List


2 Types of Injectables to Fulfill Your Holiday Wish List


Dr. Moore: Hi, I’m Doctor Moore. I just wanted to explain a little bit about fillers to see… fillers and toxins just to see if you had any down time or how much time you needed off, how long it took to kind of take effect.

In general, the toxins will take effect within 2 to 10 days and last you 3 to 4 months. There’s really no downtime. You might have a few little, small little puncture sites or something, little needle sites that are there but go away in a couple of seconds, couple of minutes.

The filler, you’ll the results right away. There may be some bruising. Generally, that’s minimized with some local anesthetic and then just by careful technique. We try to minimize any bruising. Most of that will go away within 7 to 10 days if you were to have it. And you can pry were some make up to cover it up anyway.

Your Holiday Wish List: 2 Treatments to Lift & Smooth

Your Holiday Wish List: 2 Treatments to Lift & Smooth


Roxanne: Hi, my name is Roxanne. I am the cosmetic nurse injector here at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah with Dr. Kirk Moore. One of the questions we get asked most often is, “How I can lift my facial features noninvasively?” meaning without surgery. The answer to that is to achieve maximum facial rejuvenation we use fillers in conjunction with neuromodulators such as BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin. The fillers are used to volumize the face. These offer a nonsurgical, gentle lift. But we use the neuromodulators such as BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin because they can lift by relaxing the facial muscles that naturally pull down. This takes an experienced injector, which we have at our practice. The filler actually provide a lift by adding volume, and it gives it a really beautiful result.

What To Know About Obalon



Lisa Metzner: The Obalon balloon system is FDA-approved, non-surgical, very strong safety profile. It’s truly going to change the way that people think about weight loss.

Lisa Whealon: I was about 270, was my heaviest, and today I’m 184. My favorite part has been the non-scale victories. I mean, it’s been fun to watch the weight come off, for sure, but the first time I was able to fly on a plane and not have to ask for the seat belt extender, I mean, who would have thought? That was such a powerful moment. I remember sitting on the plane tearing up thinking about it.

Aurora Pryor: I think one of the most remarkable findings that we had in the Obalon clinical trial is that our patients, even after the balloons came out, were able to keep the weight loss.

Amy Vandenberg: Really, one of the reasons patients loved it so much was because it worked.

The Leaders In Hair Transplant FUE – NeoGraft


The Leaders In Hair Transplant FUE – NeoGraft


Speaker: NeoGraft was founded with the belief and dedication that persons suffering from hair loss deserve the safest and most advanced treatment available. Hair restoration should be undetectable and look absolutely natural. Traditional strip harvesting involves a large skin incision on the back of the patient’s head to remove a section of scalp. This section of scalp is used as a source of follicles to be implanted in a new location of the patient’s scalp. As seen in the animation, this method leaves a permanent linear scar as the two edges of scalp are joined together. This donor scar can be a significant source of embarrassment for patients.

NeoGraft provides a minimally invasive option leaving no linear scar. Using the same area of scalp on the back of the patient’s head, a certified NeoGraft provider carefully extracts follicles individually, instead of strip harvesting, and the scalp remains intact. The grafts are removed with a gentle process and collected pneumatically. Within a week, the donor area will be healed, look completely normal, and the hair will not look thinner.

Once the desired quantity of follicles is collected, the NeoGraft no-touch follicle implantation method is implemented. This process involves careful placement of the follicles into the scalp area using a safe and simple delivery technique. Implantation continues until all of the harvested follicles have been transplanted.

The newly transplanted follicles will rest and then regrew perfectly natural hair in the newly grafted areas. The result is a natural appearing, more full head of hair. The new hair can be colored, cut, or styled in any fashion. There is no unsightly linear scar. And the procedure is completely undetectable, other than the new hair growth of course.

For more information, visit or call 972-219-5600.

Shipler – Obalon Testimonial



Stephen Shipler: My name’s Stephen Shipler. I am a CFO of a surgery center. And I’ve always been a runner, I’ve always been athletic. Always worked out. Basically just I was interested in doing a triathlon, so I picked up a book on swimming to try and get more efficient at swimming, and found myself not having time to really not only get to the swims, but to get to my runs. And working a lot of hours at the office. And just started gaining weight. And was looking kind of for an opportunity to have a tool. Of course I wouldn’t want to starve myself, and I wouldn’t want to do an invasive surgery, of course. So I thought this would be a good tool to use where I could do these balloons and hopefully have some success with it. Kind of retrain my thinking. And be able to get out and do my runs and do my swims. And try to lose 25 to 30 pounds.

I was at 219. I’m about eight and a half, almost nine weeks out now. I am 10 pounds down. So if that keeps tracking the way it is, let’s say at a third. I should lose 30 pounds total, which would be amazing. I grew up. It took my mom probably until I was a junior in high school to even get me to take Tylenol. So I’ve always been very against anything in my system that doesn’t really belong there. I’ve been against taking medications, going to the doctor, any of that stuff. Like, I just was against it. I don’t know why that is. I just was. I didn’t want to interfere with my normal course. And so.. And then of course, my junior year in high school, working out and I get a headache. And my mom finally told me I had to take Tylenol. I was like, “Man, I could have taken this a long time ago.”

And so the analogy is a good one in a way because I realize now that there are tools that can help people. I think this is one of those tools. And of course in this case I trust Dr. Shay with my life, and so that was a no brainer for me because I wanted to accomplish this goal. And I also have this amazing trust with this person. So it was an easy transition for me to do the balloon. Of course, I don’t want to have an invasive surgery either. And I think that the balloon offers a vehicle to not have to go right into a more invasive type surgery. I’ve talked to thousands of people that just don’t want to be cut. And that’s the bottom line. And so this is another tool or another vehicle that helps them maybe get a grip on some of their weight management.

Patient Testimonial: Sawyer


Sawyer: Hi my name is Sawyer, and I’m a very happy patient of Dr. Kirk Moore.

I found Dr. Moore and he was able to, like I said, put all of my worries at ease. He clearly explained not only the procedure, but what was gonna happen after, how they were going to be. I had no fears, I had no worries, and it was all true, it was all accurate. The very same day I went home and I put my normal clothes and I went out, I didn’t even have to take a nap or anything. I was just back to normal and it was awesome.

Dr. Moore, the second you meet him he is just genuine and kind and friendly, and you feel like he’s your best friend. His procedure sets itself apart from any other doctor out there. You try and find someone where you can within an hour of your surgery be back to normal, it’s not an easy thing.

Dr. Moore is hands down one of the most personable doctors I’ve ever met. The second he walked into the room he goes and gives you a little side hug, and he’s very professional yet personable at the same time. You don’t feel like you’re talking to a robot or just your doctor.

You don’t feel like you’re in a doctor’s office, you feel like you’re in a spa. You feel very relaxed and calm, and it’s a wonderful, wonderful place.

I’m happier, it sounds kind of crazy that something like this, but it changes your outlook on yourself. You’re transformed into a different person, I don’t feel like a little boy anymore in a swimming suit. I’m able to feel like a woman and be confident in that.

My results came out perfect, the service I’ve gotten here is perfect. I love it, I’m 100% satisfied.

Patient Testimonial: Savannah


Hear from one of our happy patients: Savannah!


Speaker 1: Hi my name is Savannah and I’m a happy patient of Dr. Kirk Moore. I was actually really satisfied with what I had done with my breast augmentation and oh gosh, I did a lot of extensive research. I wanted to know anything that could go wrong, how long it takes for them to look normal, the type of incisions, where the incisions were, the amount of pain, if there’s medication, stretches, pre-stretches, before surgery, after surgery. I was looking at different doctors, different implants, like different textures, everything. I looked up everything.

I really looked at Dr. Kirk Moore and his you know treatment to actually getting better was so much easier and he made it, even on the site, it made the comparisons between what he does and what others do. And they, when I actually came in, they told me he is special for this, and that’s it. He’s not what they would say is a cosmetic surgeon or a plastic surgeon that is a dentist and just decides that they want to do plastic surgery. This is what he does and that’s it. So that like made me decide, yeah, he knows exactly what he’s doing, and that’s really what I want so it worked out that way.

Normal things, it took me maybe I want to say like two, three days to actually do some really like, well, not even that, like I got in the shower, washed my hair, everything. I was able to really do things, but like lifting things or anything like that, took me like a few days, but the majority of things I can really actually do.

Actually I’m really happy. I was, like I said, I did a lot of research, but I wasn’t really sure of what I was getting into. And when I first did it, I was like, oh I’m going too big, like the biggest I could go. I’m like that’s too big, but they actually turned out really good. They feel real. They look real. Like I’m super satisfied with what I chose and the advice that was given to me to actually make a decision of what I wanted.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Kirk Moore. He actually knows what he’s doing. And that’s one thing that you want with a doctor, is have confidence in what they’re doing. Let’s you know, hey, no you’re not going to do this. This isn’t going to happen. We’re going to do it like this because in your mind, you’re totally thinking of something different. So it’s always good to actually get the doctor who sees this every day, like actually give you advice for it so I would definitely recommend him.

Patient Testimonial: Rachel



Rachel: Hi. I’m Rachel, and I’m a happy patient of Dr. Kirk Moore. I actually heard an ad on the radio. I had already been thinking about breast augmentation, and so I called and scheduled an appointment.

When I scheduled a consultation, everybody was super nice. I came in, and everybody was super polite and helped me understand exactly what I’d be getting into. All the questions that I had were answered. It felt painless already. I did not know Dr. Moore’s exact procedure, but when I came in for consultation, when they showed me all the different options that I had, I was very interested in the shape. That was my favorite, because I’m a mom of three kids and I wanted to just look like I did before children.

After surgery, I was out and about doing things by the next day. I played it cool that day, but I could have done anything minus lifting a lot of weight. You don’t want to do that. But, I felt fine other than you can’t use your arms. I was actually never too swollen to wear clothes, or I never felt uncomfortable that way. I was a little tight, and I did my stretches. Other than that, everything went great. Dr. Kirk Moore is a great choice for breast augmentation. I felt great with his staff, I felt great with him. My results are perfect. It’s exactly what I expected per what they told me in my consultation.

I’m very happy with my result. I don’t even own a bra anymore. I am completely happy with everything that he did.

Patient Testimonial: Amanda


Patient Testimonial: Amanda


Amanda: Hi. My name’s Amanda, and I am a very happy patient with Dr. Kirk Moore. Dr. Moore was very friendly. He, again, was very thorough and knowledgeable on what would go best with my body type. I mean, again, I didn’t know. I’ve never had large breasts, so I was putting it all into his control, but he knew what he was doing.

And even today now, I’m like, he chose exactly what was best for me. So I was really impressed with him.

Oh, the staff is great. Very friendly, very personable. That’s, I think, why I chose them, is because it wasn’t just a basic doctor go in. They don’t really… I don’t know. I just liked how they were very personable and very just, you know, thorough with everything.

I kind of didn’t know what to expect. I came in completely just… I was just like, “Okay. I’ll just come and see what it’s all about.” And right away I felt really comfortable. And they explained everything really good, and I felt like they cared about my situation and kind of chose what was best for me.

I mean, it’s not a huge procedure, but I haven’t had anything like that in a long time. So, that was kind of scary. I think I kind of got like the nervous kind of jitters, but again, I came for like a day or two before the procedure. I came in, did kind of the pre-consult, talked with the doctor, talked to Dr. Moore, and I don’t know, they just put me at ease. They have everything under control. They know what they’re doing. And from then I was just like, “Okay. I’m good.”

I mean, after that first day, like even that night I went out and I actually two days later went back to work. And people were like, “You’re crazy for being back.” But I wasn’t hurting. It wasn’t anything serious for me to have to be home. It was like, “Oh, I feel good so I might as well go and do my regular thing.”

I am very happy with my results. It’s finally… Like I said, it’s been where they are a part of me now and I feel great. I feel more womanly and more confident. If you were thinking of getting breast augmentation, I would say I’ve had an awesome experience at Dr. Kirk Moore’s office. You should definitely go get a consult, see how you feel. But I would definitely recommend them.


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