Ms. America 2016 – Julie Harman

Ms. America 2016 – Julie Harman


Julie Harmon, Miss America 2016: Hi. My name is Julie Harmon and I’m one of Dr. Kirk Moore’s clients. The reason why I’m doing this video is to share a little bit about my experience with you. I was so elated when I discovered Kirk Moore’s website online. I had done some research for maybe say six to eight months and I hadn’t found anything that fit me. And I was toying with the idea of having a breast augmentation because I had two daughters that were ages 11 and 9 and I thought it was finally time to do something for me. And so when I looked at his website, I felt excited because he had new technology, he had a great team, he had great experience and expertise. Everything that I was looking for.

And so I made a consultation and when I actually went to the office I felt right at home. I was so excited, there’s murals on the walls, it’s so inviting, it’s so beautiful and the staff is hands down amazing. And so when I got to know the staff and they started answering my questions, anything that I had to ask. They were wonderful. They put me right at ease, I felt comfortable, I felt confident that this was actually the place that I needed to be.

And so once I went through the experience, then I realized that this was gonna be a process. This is not something that just all of a sudden just happens. You actually need a team that can work through any kind of concerns or questions you might have and that’s exactly what they did for me. And I really didn’t hesitate in getting my surgery done, I was ecstatic actually. I’d waited for over a decade to have this done and it was something I was not wanting to wait for anymore. And so I’m so happy that I went with this team and with the doctor that I chose. It actually was an amazing experience, emotionally, physically, everything actually. It just changed me. Much more than I expected.

Before I’d had the surgery I’d ask people around me, “Well what do you think? Do you think this is a good idea?” Everyone has an opinion. And even my daughters had their own opinion or my parents or best friends. And of course I’m gonna take it all into consideration, but when it came down to it, it was my decision. It’s my body, it’s the way that I want to come open and appear to others, and I’m an actress and a model. I’m behind the camera a lot, but I’m in front of the camera quite a bit too. And I just wanted to be on the outside what I felt like I was on the inside. And that’s really why I made this decision. And ever since I’ve been elated.

It has been something that hands down is one of the best experiences of my life. And I’m in appearances all over the state and even across the nation and I have to look the part, I have to look the way that I feel on the inside. And I’m so grateful for Kirk Moore’s team. They gave me that experience that I wanted and I couldn’t thank them enough. I hope that you have a wonderful experience too.

Lose your Double Chin with Kybella


Lose your Double Chin with Kybella


Speaker 1: Kybella is the first and only FDA approved treatment to actually permanently reduce the fat under the chin. Sort of that double chin that some people just can’t get rid of, regardless of how much weight that they’ve lost. It’s a really simple treatment. You definitely see results after one treatment. But everybody’s a little bit different. Some people need a few treatments to achieve the optimal result. And it really just helps define the jaw line in a nonsurgical way, which is really nice. There is minimal discomfort, just a tiny bit of a burning sensation immediately after injecting. Which is very easily relieved by some ice. Little bit of swelling. Possibly a little bit of numbness. But all of that resolves in just a few days. And it’s permanent. And it’s nonsurgical, noninvasive. So it’s a really great way, and becoming more popular to treat that double chin.

Lisa Wheelon – Obalon Testimonial



Lisa Whealon: My whole life I struggled with weight, from the time I was a child on up to adulthood. After I had my second daughter, I was the heaviest I’d ever been, and just not feeling like I was the mom that I wanted to be. I couldn’t keep up with them. I just struggled doing everyday type things, and so I knew that I needed some help. I kind of had looked into some of the weight loss surgeries, but it scared me, the idea of having surgery and, having my two children, and what if something happened, and all of that. So, the balloon seemed like a less invasive way to accomplish the same goal.

I was amazed at just how smooth of a process it was. The whole procedure each time took just about 15 minutes. I could go in over a lunch break at work and swallow the balloon, and have the procedure and feel fine the rest of the day. So, I really had no side effects. There wasn’t anything that I experienced in that way. It was amazing just how quick and painless the procedure was. Within six months, I learned so much about myself, and about kind of best practices for this, and how I was going to continue to maintain it afterward, because that was my initial concern when I first learned about it was, “Well, what happens when the balloons come out?”

I wanted to make sure that whatever I was doing was maintained and repeatable after the balloons, and so that six month period I learned a ton about nutrition. I learned a lot about fitness, and a lot about portion control, and just macros, and caloric intake, and all of these things that are part of my life now, and kind of having the balloons really helped me take it seriously, I guess, for those six months, because again, I’ve done this throughout my life. I’ve done diets, and done fad things, but I guess I never really took it seriously as much as I did when I had the balloons.

My favorite part has been the non-scale victories. I mean, it’s been fun to watch the weight come off for sure, but the first time I was able to fly on a plane and not have to ask for the seatbelt extender, I mean, who would’ve thought? That was such a powerful moment. I remember sitting on the plane tearing up thinking about it. I was about to 270, 272 was my heaviest. Today I’m 184. I have like nine more pounds to lose so I can hit that hundred pound mark. I’m ready for that. I’m excited for that to happen. I think my advice would just be just start, learn more, start something. Don’t wait for next Monday. Don’t wait for January 1st. Do something now. Take the steps. Live every day, and every meal by meal, every day by day. Take it small, and just continue to repeat those behaviors and those actions.

Lift & Smooth with Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

Lift & Smooth with Botox, Dysport & Xeomin


Speaker 1: Neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are all FDA approved products that essentially when injected stop the muscles in the face from contracting. And what that results in basically is smooth, relaxed skin, that looks really natural and more youthful.

The common areas that we treat are in between the eyebrows, the forehead, the crows feet of course. But we can also treat areas like smokers lines right around the lips, and also the chin, which some people get a pebbly look in the skin on their chin. And so those are all areas that can be treated as well.

It usually takes about five to ten days to see results post treatment, and most people get results lasting in general three to four months.


Heather, Practice Manager


Heather describes what it’s like to work with Dr. Moore and his passion for a rapid recovery breast augmentation procedure.


Heather: I think from the clinical side of things, since I’ve worked with him in the OR in the past, it’s just nice and refreshing to see a surgeon that is really meticulous, focused on his surgical outcome. So I think his passion is mainly his rapid recovery, I feel like because rapid recovery is his, something that he has just like he holds really dear to his heart and that he always wants to change anytime there’s a new innovation in rapid recovery. He’s always interested in learning tha, applying that and most of it is based in his patient practice and how he wants the outcome to be for elective surgery to be pain free. That’s his main thing is pain free surgery. So the really great thing about his procedure is that, well, first of all, his anesthesia is super unique. It’s great to see patients wake up feeling somewhat back to normal, a little loopy, but back to normal and not a lot of pain. And the next day you hear our clients come in and say, “Yeah, I went to dinner that evening. And you know, we went to a movie, we went shopping for a bra.” And you could tell that they were excited that it’s everything that we promised them.

A Day With Dr. Moore


Follow board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kirk Moore on his morning routine followed by a day in the office with consultation for Breast augmentation and lift.


Dr. Kirk Moore: My plan today is go to the gym, come back, take a shower. Go to the office. So, here’s what my dogs do. They just carry stuff around. They don’t chew on it. They just carry it around. Right? And it’s not you, is it? It’s Nike that does it. Come here, Nickles. Come here. Yeah, you leave my stuff alone, huh? You leave my stuff alone. All right. I’ll be back in a little bit.

Michael was cleaning out my car yesterday. I tell you what man, those dogs they are the best. They don’t pay any attention to you leaving or coming. They just sit back there and they just watch.

8:15, there’s nobody here.

Speaker 2: Hello.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Good morning.

Speaker 2: Good morning.

Dr. Kirk Moore: I’m good. How are you doing?

Speaker 2: Good.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Get my back loosened up.

Speaker 2: Look. It’s super fun. (Music) 200 then how many downward snatches you guys did.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Brutal.

Speaker 2: So add up your total reps or give me your total-

Dr. Kirk Moore: Shower time. All right. It’s now into the house, take a shower, get ready to go to the office and get some work done. All right. Good girl. You’ve never put anything in your mouth have you, except for food. Just the food. Yeah. Okay. They just sit there and stare at you.

Okay. Just got done with my workout and then the office, clinic day. Consultations, pre-ops, some followups from past surgeries, paperwork. Okay. Here at the office. I like to walk around to my OR when I come into my office. Okay. This is my office. Fancy huh?

Speaker 3: So, we’re going to head into a consultation with our first patient of today. Hello. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go over some medical history, your medical history, family history, that type of thing. I’ll talk to you about the procedure, the way that Dr. Moore differs in the way that he does the procedure which I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about because your friends, lots of friends have been here.

And then we’ll have you get changed into a robe and Dr. Moore will come in and talk to you. He’ll take some measurements and those measurements give us an idea of the range of sizes that will fit within your [inaudible] that you’ll get to try on and kind of see the look that you like and the size so-

Erica: All right.

Speaker 3: Because you’re on the schedule tomorrow for surgery correct?

Erica: Yes.

Speaker 3: So exciting.

Speaker 3: Erica, Sean this is Dr. Moore.

Sean: How are you?

Dr. Kirk Moore: Nice to meet you, Boy, you’re tall. Okay. Hi Erica, nice to meet you.

Erica: Nice to meet you.

Dr. Kirk Moore: So you guys are from Elko, is that right?

Erica: Yes.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Okay. Brenda was telling me this story. We have this joke all the time-

Sean: About Elko. I don’t doubt that.

Dr. Kirk Moore: No. We got one about that too but you must be new to Elko because I thought I’d already operated on everybody over there. You were looking at augmentation, maybe lift if you need it. I think… is that what it was? And then you were also talking about maybe a chemical peel, is that what I understand?

Erica: Yes. Some [inaudible] especially around my eyebrows, the furrow, just squinting.

Dr. Kirk Moore: So I just say Erica. She came in from Elko Nevada and she’s going to be getting a breast augmentation and a lift. And we also talked about a number of other things, Botox, chemical peels, those kinds of things and the benefits and drawbacks of each one of them. So she’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I do that for some of my clients that are out of town so that they come in for their consultation, have surgery the next day and then their followup the day after that.

All right. Another successful clinic day today. Saw, I don’t know, 20, 20 or so people. Cosmetic patients, consultations, pre-ops, post-ops. Had two people come in from out of town scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Both of them are getting a lift augmentation. I think another one is going to get lift augmentation and tummy tuck all together.

And so tomorrow I’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six surgeries scheduled. The lift augmentation/tummy tuck, the lift augmentation. Another lift augmentation and then three breast augmentations so busy day tomorrow. Hopefully be done by two.

JTRC Plays Santa: December’s Surprise Giveaway Contest



Lauren: Hi. I’m Lauren. I’m the new master esthetician at Dr. Kirk Morris, Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah. I’m here to announce this month’s giveaway, which is actually a surprise giveaway. Who doesn’t love a surprise? The way you can enter this giveaway is for every social media post during the month of December, you get one entry for every like, and one for every comment, but you get two additional for every share. Make sure you like, comment and share our post on social media for this month if you would like to be considered for this amazing price. Thanks so much for following.

Its Time For Obalon



Jasson G.: There’s roughly 140 million Americans that are struggling with their weight, either overweight or obese, and up until now there’s really only been two options. You either had to work out and eat less on your own or you had to get a surgical procedure.

And so for many millions of Americans there hasn’t really been a viable, non-surgical choice until Obalon, and this product is really designed to be a partner. It’s not going to do all the work for you. It helps give you the space to learn new healthy eating habits, but we at Obalon want to be the partner that can help you learn those habits.

Lisa Metzner: There’s a bigger purpose here which is really starting to go after the obesity epidemic to make a difference in patients’ lives, and we’ve had patients that have lost nearly 100 pounds as a result of both the balloon and then changing their lifestyle, just eating differently, exercising more and living a healthier lifestyle.

Stanley P.: We now have something to offer that’s safe, that’s easy, that’s affordable, and it works.

Dana Goosens: This is a lifestyle change. This is not a diet. I had drastically changed my life in the last six months. This was the first time that I’m actually eating normal and I’m losing weight.

Grant Stevens: It’s not only only safe and effective, but it’s long term. They learn a new way of eating, a new way of living and they keep the weight off.

Moses Shieh: The side effects are minimal. The side effects to me were I actually have a picture of me eating a salad and spaghetti right after my balloon placement. I was fine, you know, and so of course I felt full fast, but I was fine.

Lisa Whealon: The whole procedure each time took just about 15 minutes. I could go in over a lunch break at work and, you know, swallow the balloon, have the procedure, and feel fine the rest of the day. So it was amazing just how quick and painless the procedure was.

I was about 270, 272 was my heaviest, and today I’m 184. I have like nine more pounds to lose so I can hit that hundred pound mark. So I’m like, I’m ready for that. I’m excited for that to happen.

Lisa Metzner: There’s finally a partner to help you with your weight loss and get you to your goals faster.

Stanley P.: The most important thing to do is take that first step, you know. Every journey begins with the first step, and this is a journey and I’ve seen it work. I know it can work and it will work for you. So the next thing is make contact.

Falling Prices to Lift Your Look with Breast Augmentation & CoolSculpting


Falling Prices to Lift Your Look with Breast Augmentation & CoolSculpting


Dr. Kirk Moore: September is breast augmentation month. It’s time for everybody to go back to school and we are offering a special promo this month for our rapid recovery breast augmentation at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah.

Every breast augmentation client gets a free cool sculpting treatment for a value of up to $1200. I think it’s a great deal and for that little area, that stubborn fat area around the hips or flanks or lower belly along with a rapid recovery breast augmentation, we can have you back to your normal activities tomorrow.

Dr. Shieh Talks About Obalon



Dr. Moses Shieh: My Name is Dr Moses Shieh, I’m a bariatric surgeon here in Fort Myers, Florida. And I’ve been doing a weight loss surgery, weight loss procedures, even correcting weight loss procedures since about 2005. And then when Obalon came out, it came out in the sense of, now you’ve really created a sense of ease for the patient to get through that process of seeing the doctor and then swallowing a pill. I mean, how simple is that concept? And so, it does not take away diet, proper exercise, nutritional counseling. All those things are just as important with any surgical patient that wants to do weight loss. But what it does is it provides a tool for the patients that instead of needing to lose 200 pounds, now we’re talking to patients that need to lose 20, to 30, or 40 pounds. So, that makes a big difference. I’m just as human as everyone else. But I have high cholesterol. I’m on multiple medications for it. But 10 to 15 pounds would also be helpful. I’m on that treadmill as well.

I get frustrated when I’m not seeing that scale move the direction that I want to see it move. And so if there’s a way that I can feel what my patients are feeling, and I know it’s safe, and it’s a benefit to me, let’s give it a shot. So the side effects are minimal. The side effects to me were… I actually have a picture of me eating a salad and spaghetti right after my balloon placement. I was fine. And so, of course I felt full fast, but I was fine. And so, really minimal side effects. Because a typical weight loss surgery patient, based upon their insurance requirements, and their health risk may take three to six months before they even get to a surgeon by their first consult. Versus with Obalon, depending on what the medical history of the patient is with, if there’s any what we call contra indications most patients can be swallowing the balloon within a week, or less depending on that process.

So what it does is not only does it allow the practitioner to discuss weight loss, discuss their overweight or obesity, but then say, hey, here’s a treatment that we can start right away. As of Tuesday, I just reviewed the data for our balloon number three swallows. So we have some patients that have lost over 50 pounds within the first two balloons. So, knowing that they’re getting their third balloon, they’re ecstatic.


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