Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the U.S., and the majority of these procedures create outstanding outcomes for patients. However, women can sometimes be unhappy with the results reaped from their implants and may require breast revision surgery. It is important to note that not all breast revisions are due to surgeon error. While there are surgeries that may end with an undesirable outcome, a woman could also want a different size implant. Others could have a defected insert and prefer to have the breast implant changed or taken out altogether. In addition, there are some women who need revision surgery for a unique condition. Plastic surgeon Dr. Kirk Moore performs breast revision surgery for women experiencing a range of augment-related concerns at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah in Midvale, UT. He uses his years of expertise to ensure that the correct outcome is delivered in the end.


If you have any issues (medical or cosmetic) with your breast implants, please schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Moore to discuss your needs and wants and to determine your custom breast revision surgery plan. Whether it is scarring, breast drooping, rippling, or breast asymmetry, revision surgery can help the irregularity of your breasts and provide a more pleasing and healthy outcome. This procedure can also help if you want to change size, implant style, or address any other aspect of your augmented breasts.


This cosmetic surgery often involves the removal of an implant that is not working or functioning correctly or is no longer wanted. Breast revision surgery may also be performed to change implant size or go from saline to silicone insert (or vice versa). There are a few other common cases in which a revision treatment is needed.


Asymmetry occurs when the implants appear uneven. This can be due to an inadequately sized implant, sagging on one side, or any other condition that can potentially cause asymmetry. An in-depth evaluation will need to be performed to fully determine the cause of your asymmetry. From there, surgery can be performed to correct the issue, and a new implant can be placed to achieve a balanced look.


Bottoming out is a condition that can happen when one or both breasts drop too low, or “bottom out.” In many cases, this is a placement issue from the first breast augmentation surgery. To correct this, a new placement technique will be considered. In some cases, tissue grafting may be needed, as well as a surgically created pocket to fit the new implant. For most women, changing from saline to a silicone insert can solve this problem.


There are times in which breast revision surgery can be as simple as receiving a different sized implant. With the original surgery, you may have gone too big or too small. A new breast implant size can be placed to achieve the desired appearance.


This is the term used for the development of scar tissue, which occurs when the soft tissue around the implant becomes hard and thickens. While most augmentations do result in some internal scarring, most patients will never realize its existence. In some circumstances, the scarring could alter the implant placement, which may change the breast shape and result in an undesirable outcome. Scar tissue removal surgery to eliminate scarring could be necessary if this is the case.


Implant rippling occurs when there are visible wrinkles and ripples beneath the skin. This deformity generally forms near the edge of the implant. Rippling is more common in women who are very thin. Often, this condition can be corrected by simply changing to a silicone implant.


While this represents a very small number of cases, implant rupture can sometimes occur. If a saline implant ruptures, deflation will take place quickly. When this happens, a visible flattening will occur. On the other hand, if a silicone implant ruptures, it is only detected through an MRI. Either way, if your insert has a tear, a replacement surgery will be necessary.


Symmastia occurs when implants are placed too close together. In most cases, this is because the implant chosen was the wrong width, shape, or size. Breast revision surgery will correct this visible deformity by using an implant that works better for your body type and looks proportionate.


After your surgery and an observation period, you should be able to return home to begin your recovery. The healing period can vary based on the complexity of your individual surgery. A revision procedure that requires any type of reconstruction or grafting will have a longer recovery, which could take up to several months. You should begin to see your results once your swelling begins to disappear. Dr. Moore or a member of his team will go over what you can expect during your recovery, as well as tips to help speed up your healing. You should also schedule your follow-up appointments as directed so Dr. Moore can assess your recovery and results.


How much does breast revision surgery cost?
The cost of breast revision surgery can vary greatly, depending on what needs to be done. During your consultation, Dr. Moore will listen to your concerns and goals before performing a physical exam to assess your current implants. From there, he can discuss your options before developing your surgical plan. The cost of breast revision surgery will depend on the length and complexity of the procedure, as well as what you choose for your new implants. When seeking a breast revision surgery, it is important to focus on achieving the results you want by choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Moore. Basing your decision primarily on cost can lead to ineffective results and more problems later down the line. To help make your surgery affordable, Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah accepts many payment options.

What if Dr. Moore wasn’t my original surgeon?
Dr. Moore can perform your breast revision procedure even if he wasn’t your original surgeon. Breast revision surgery can be more complex than the original augmentation if you desire dramatic changes or have serious problems. This is why it’s important to select a plastic surgeon, like Dr. Moore, who specializes in performing intensive breast surgeries. Dr. Moore also encourages his patients to return to Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah for breast revision surgery after their original breast augmentation surgery if they have an issue or want a change.

What about loose skin?
If you are having your implants removed or are changing to a significantly smaller size of implants, you may need to have excess skin taken away during your surgery. After listening to your goals and assessing your current implants, Dr. Moore can discuss the need for a breast lift to remove loose skin. If you lose a significant amount of weight, become pregnant, or breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery, a breast revision combined with a lift can help you gain better results.

Will there be new scars?
Whenever possible, Dr. Moore will try to make incisions for breast revision surgery in the same place as your original augmentation incisions. However, if this is not possible, he will place the new incisions where they will be less visible. Breast revision surgery typically utilizes a transaxillary incision (through the armpit), a periareolar incision (on the lower edge of the areola), an inframammary incision (under the fold of the breast), or TUBA incision (transumbilical, through the belly button). Dr. Moore or a member of his team will go over scar care management so your new incisions heal flat and blend well into your skin.

Do I have to change my implants?
While implants can last a long time, they usually do need to be replaced at some point. After breast augmentation surgery, it is important to have your implants checked regularly. This way, Dr. Moore can help you decide when your implants should be changed. With so many advances in the medical field, you may want to consider the newest implant shapes and types to achieve your best look with breast revision surgery.


Breast revision surgery is a custom treatment performed by Dr. Moore that is tailored for your specific needs. If you are not happy with your breast implants or wish a different outcome, we welcome you to call our Midvale, UT office to schedule your appointment at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah. There are numerous factors to consider regarding this procedure. Plastic surgeon Dr. Moore will give you a full physical exam, discuss your revision options, and help you envision your renewed outcome.


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