Which Implant is Best for My Body Type?

Breast augmentation is often the preferred choice for women who are dissatisfied with their natural endowments or who have undergone dramatic changes in the shape and size of their breasts after pregnancy or significant weight loss. In the past breast implants had a relatively similar shape designed to merely make the individual’s breasts larger.

In recent years breast augmentation techniques and technology have greatly advanced to address a wide range of factors, which allow breast implants to achieve a natural look. Here at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah, in Midvale, Utah, our surgeon Dr. Kirk Moore has extensive training and experience in the process of breast augmentation.

After a basic examination to gather the details of your shape, frame and body composition, our surgeon can help you understand the type of breast augmentation that will best meet your personal goals. Different materials and shaped implants can help enhance the size of your breasts, the appearance of your cleavage, and other factors like the height of your breasts as well as your profile.

Our surgeon can also explain any preparation and aftercare measures that will help speed the recovery process and provide you with the bustline you have always wanted.

If you are a woman living in the area surrounding Midvale, Utah, and you are interested in learning more about the benefits of breast augmentation, you should call 801-506-6380 to set up a consultation at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah.


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