Dr. Kirk Moore’s passion is to perfect the Breast Augmentation procedure. This means making it simplersafer and pain free, while continually achieving astonishing, natural results.

His breakthrough Practically Pain Free Rapid Recovery Procedure © has been the result of over a decade of dedication and experience, analyzing all the factors that make breast augmentation a more comfortable experience for women, and enhancing the results achieved.

The fact is, most doctors still use outdated and invasive techniques in performing Breast Augmentation procedures. This means more risk, more discomfort, substantially longer recovery times, and average results.

It’s been over 10 years since Dr. Moore began analyzing the most common concerns women had when considering Breast Augmentations, then eliminating them. His breakthrough Rapid Recovery Procedure© means you can achieve the results you desire, with little pain, and be back to work the very next day!



YOUR PAIN: Must be treated with prescription medications for 3 – 7 days with most cosmetic surgeons.

LONG RECOVERY TIME: Typically one to two weeks minimum. You need to book this time off work.

YOUR SCARRING: Left with a distinct, noticeable scar. Traditionally you will be told “no one will see, but you” – are you prepared for that?

MORE DIFFICULT, GREATER RISKS: This deeper, more intrusive traditional surgery can be riskier still if bad clinics short-cut and try and rush through as many operations a week as possible.


If you do decide to go the “traditional” route then at least you are now armed with these facts. Please feel free to ask about any concerns when contacting us.


PRACTICALLY NO PAIN: No prescription medications needed! You can just use over-the-counter Motrin® – that’s it! No druggy side effects, no laying in bed for days in pain.

48 HOUR RECOVERY (or LESS)!: You can wash your hair and do mild exercise comfortably the SAME DAY. Dr. Moore will have you back to work within 48 hours.

MINIMALLY INVASIVE: So no tell-tale signs of a Breast Augmentation procedure! Dr. Moore has perfected a technique which simply leaves “a quickly fading blemish” rather than traditional breast augmentation surgery scarring. You will NOT have to worry about tell-tale scarring with our procedure.

SIMPLER + LESS TRAUMATIC = SAFER: This means our procedure diminishes pain, recovery time, scarring and bruising. And therefore it is SAFER for you. Also, we perform our procedures in the same stringent clinical conditions that are are used in HEART or BRAIN surgery. We don’t have to, but we we believe it’s simply the right thing to do for you.


We’ve all seen “fake boobs,” and therefore might assume that breast augmentation will result in unnatural looking breasts. Since most women don’t advertise the fact that they have had breast enlargement, if they look natural you may never know they were altered. A few women want dramatic results and an augmented look, but most women prefer natural looking enhancement.

Today women have many choices to make when contemplating breast surgery. Because every woman’s body is different, the options which yield the most natural looking breasts will vary. There are several factors to consider which will affect the look of your breasts after augmentation including implant type, size, shape, projection, and placement (either behind or in front of the muscle).

Some common problems that detract from the look of augmented breasts include breasts that are too round, rippling, bottoming out, visible implant edges, and sagging. It is important to convey to your surgeon what goals you have for surgery so that together you can work out a plan to achieve the most natural looking results.

Dr. Moore will help you choose the appropriate combination of size, shape, and projection for your frame and desired results. You may be seeking more cleavage or lift, more projection out from the body, or more overall fullness. Dr. Moore will help you decide which of these goals match your particular body type, and thus how to achieve the most natural looking results.

With the options and techniques available today, you can achieve larger, more beautiful breasts without an artificial look. The most important thing is finding the look that you desire and a surgeon who will advise you properly on how best to achieve that look.


Which type of breast implant to use is a decision you can make after your confidential consultation. We’ll answer all your questions, listen to your concerns, and together we can arrive at the best plan of action.





  1. Are you concerned about pain, recovery time, and safety for your breast enhancements?
  2. Have you ever secretly wished you had (even slightly) larger breasts?
  3. Do you feel self-conscious about your appearance – have time and gravity taken their toll?
  4. Do you wear padded or ‘lifting’ bras if flat-chested, or to give your breasts more lift?
  5. Are you a mother who’s now showing the ‘downside’ of breast feeding?
  6. Are you experiencing a lack of sexual satisfaction, maybe because you lack confidence?
  7. Are you comfortable in a bathing suit but just wish your breast were fuller or firmer?


If any of the above sounds familiar than don’t worry, many other have been right where you are now. Thankfully they found a simple solution that worked for them by having a consultation with Dr. Moore and his team. You can hear their stories by clicking here!

Did you know that Dr. Moore is one of only a handful of all Plastic Surgeons in the USA to offer a truly “practically pain free, rapid recovery” breast augmentation?

Since 2000, Dr. Moore and his team have helped hundreds of clients with successful breast augmentation. If you would like peace of mind because you know your procedure is being done properly, please chat with one of our friendly, expert Coordinators. We also offer flexible financing options, to make breast augmentation affordable on any budget!  Contact us today for your consultation

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation FAQs

Breast augmentation surgery is also sometimes called:

Breast surgery,
Breast enlargement surgery and
Breast enhancement surgery.
You may hear it called augmentation mammoplasty.

The breast augmentation procedure has become very popular over the past several years, because it enhances the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. There are many reasons you might want this procedure, and two frequent ones are for correction after:

Childbirth or
Weight gain/loss.

Essentially, if you are 18 years or older and in good physical and psychological health, you may be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery. In your confidential consultation, our patient coordinator will gather personal information regarding your reasons to have breast surgery. It is important to be realistic about your desired surgical outcome. Dr. Moore will review your goals and candidacy in your consultation.

The two basic types are:

Silicone gel breast implants and
Saline-filled breast implants
The FDA has limited the use of silicone breast implants pending further research, so saline implants are the default choice at the present time.

There are many different shapes, sizes and textures available today in saline breast implants. During your confidential consultation, the doctor and his staff will review the different types of breast implants with you and help you choose the one that will best flatter your physique.

You may schedule your breast augmentation surgery at your confidential consultation or call us when it fits your schedule.

On the day of surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia, and the incision you have chosen will be made either below the nipple, under the breast, or in the armpit. The breast implants are positioned, sutures are put in place, and you’ll have time to recover afterwards.

The breast augmentation surgery takes about an hour, and absorbable sutures are used. Soft tape may also be used to keep the breast implants in place during the healing process. You will be sore for a few days after breast augmentation surgery, but you will be up and about within 24-48 hours. Any pain can be managed with medication.

You will be given detailed instructions on how to care for your incisions and when to remove the tape. As you heal, you will begin to experience different sensations such as burning and tingling, but this is normal. Everyone is different, and each person’s experience will also be different. Another important thing to remember is that each breast will also heal independently.

Once you no longer require your pain medication, and have been free from it for at least 24 hours, you may begin driving again.

Most clients typically return to work within one week after their breast surgery, if their jobs don’t involve a lot of physical activity. with our ‘Rapid Recovery’ Procedure clients could return to work as early as the next day!

Generally, your breasts will be extra sensitive to direct touch for up to three weeks after your breast augmentation surgery. Then you’ll have less sensitivity and better tolerance to touch.

Because of Dr. Moore’s technique most patients only have slight blemishes that diminish overtime.

If you do have a scar, because the incision is discreetly placed and relatively small, the scar will eventually be almost invisible. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re all different when it comes to healing.

It is important to tell the mammogram technician about your breast implants. They can use a special technique to get you a more reliable reading.

As with any surgery, there are risks and complications that can occur during breast augmentation surgery.

Fortunately, it is unusual to have serious complications, and the procedure is considered quite safe.

We employ all of the necessary precautions in our Midvale, Utah office to minimize risk. It’s important to make sure that your surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and that the operating facilities are State certified.

Dr. Moore is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and they insist on the highest standards of excellence.


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