Millions of Americans struggle with their weight every year. In a busy world where convenience is the primary concern of most, losing the excess weight needed to achieve a healthy body mass requires an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. Perhaps you have tried everything to lose weight and have been unsuccessful in your efforts. Maybe you have succeeded at dropping pounds in the past only to find yourself adding them back on over time. If any of these situations describe you, the weight loss treatments offered at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kirk Moore is proud to offer patients two innovative gastric balloon methods for weight loss: ORBERA and Obalon. ORBERA is a soft, durable balloon that is inserted into the stomach via the mouth while Obalon is a swallowable gastric balloon that starts out as a capsule and is inflated in the stomach after consumption. Our experienced team will work closely with you at our Midvale, UT practice to determine which weight loss treatment will best suit your needs and goals.


If you have struggled to lose weight in the past and are committed to making the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthy living, seeking the helping hand of Obalon or ORBERA could be beneficial to reaching your goals. These gastric balloon treatments are both ideal for patients with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 – 40% and who are at least 22 years of age. Available for both men and women, these nonsurgical weight loss treatments could be the breakthrough you need to kickstart your new healthy life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Moore if you have any questions regarding your candidacy for either Obalon or ORBERA.


Obalon and ORBERA are gastric balloons that are placed into the stomach nonsurgically. ORBERA is inserted into the stomach via the mouth while the balloon is deflated. You will be put under a mild sedative before the treatment begins. After the balloon has been inserted into your mouth and positioned in the stomach, Dr. Moore will fill the balloon with a safe saline solution until it is the size of a grapefruit. This process takes about 30 minutes and is performed here at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah. Obalon, on the other hand, comes in the form of a swallowable capsule. No sedative or anesthetic is necessary. Once you have swallowed your three Obalon capsules, Dr. Moore will inflate the three gastric balloons. This process only takes about 10 minutes and is also performed here at our Midvale, UT office.


Following the insertion of your gastric balloon(s), you will be expected to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Dr. Moore will provide you with coaching and your own personalized lifestyle program to assist with the weight loss process. Many patients report seeing drastic changes over the course of their treatment. Six months after the placement of your gastric balloon(s), you will need to come back to Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah so Dr. Moore can remove them. This will take place during one quick nonsurgical procedure in which light sedation will be used. Even after the removal of your balloons, you will need to maintain your new healthier way of living so you can sustain your results for the long-term.


Is Obalon/ORBERA safe?
Obalon and ORBERA are both FDA-approved weight loss treatments. They are incredibly safe as long as your treatment is overseen by an experienced physician, like board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moore. While in his care, Dr. Moore will work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your treatment and that all protocols are being followed.

Am I a good candidate?
If you are over 22 years of age and have a BMI (body mass index) in the range of 30 – 40%, then a gastric balloon treatment could be great for you. If you have any specific questions about your potential candidacy, contact our Midvale, UT office to schedule a one-on-one consultation. During your consult, Dr. Moore will review your goals, medical history, and willingness to change your lifestyle to properly assess your candidacy for Obalon or ORBERA.

When will I start to see results?
Weight loss with the help of Obalon and ORBERA occurs gradually, just as any healthy weight loss should. Patients often report seeing dramatic changes over the course of six months with the balloon(s), but these transformations are within healthy limitations. As long as you adhere to living a healthier lifestyle, such as modifying your diet and exercising somewhat regularly, you should begin to see changes in your appearance quickly.

Will my results last?
The lasting results of your treatment will heavily depend on your ability to maintain your new healthy lifestyle. Patients who continue to adhere to clean eating and exercising receive the benefits of maintaining their new physique long-term. However, if you do not attempt to modify your way of living, it is very likely that you could gain the weight back. For this reason, only patients who are serious about making adjustments to their lifestyle should consider an Obalon or ORBERA treatment.


If you have struggled to lose weight or maintain a healthy body mass and are ready to make the changes necessary to lead a healthy life, then a gastric balloon treatment could help. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kirk Moore is proud to offer Midvale, UT patients access to these innovative and effective methods for weight loss. If you are ready to begin the next chapter of your life with the assistance of Obalon or ORBERA, call our office, Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah, and schedule your one-on-one consultation today.


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