Oversized breasts can cause intense functional issues for women. In addition to this, overly large and unbalanced breasts can create self-image issues and embarrassment, as well as significant pain in the back and neck. Dr. Kirk Moore is a plastic surgeon in Midvale, UT who has helped countless women rebuild their confidence and enjoy an active lifestyle with breast reduction surgery. This cosmetic surgery at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah reduces excess fat, tissue, and skin to reshape the breasts, creating a more normal size. This surgery also reduces the size of the nipples and repositions them so that they look natural with your new breast size. In most cases, a breast lift is also performed to give patients a more taut and youthful appearance.


If you have large, heavy breasts that get in the way of daily life, breast reduction surgery may be a good way to achieve the silhouette you desire. This surgery is an effective procedure for women who are plagued by stress and emotional anxiety or who struggle to lead an active life because of the size of their breasts. If you suffer from ongoing skin rashes or irritations (as well as neck pain), this surgery can reduce these annoyances. It is important that patients are at a healthy weight before their procedure. Just as well, it is vital to find an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Moore, who understands your aesthetic goals and has the knowledge to produce a natural, stunning result.


Breast reduction surgery is performed in our on-site surgery area with general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery is dependent upon various factors, including what incision method is used, the overall technique, and the degree of reduction. Whether or not you undergo a nipple and areola repositioning will also be a determiner in regards to your procedure time. In most cases, liposuction is used for fat removal to decrease the breast size. During the consultation, all of these factors will be discussed with Dr. Moore. The degree of scarring you will see may also be talked about as scarring from this procedure is common. However, advanced methods have led to a decrease in overall scarring. Depending on the complexity of the reduction, either an anchor or a vertical incision will be employed. The breast tissue will be removed, and the remaining tissue and skin will be tightened accordingly.


After surgery, patients will be observed closely in our private recovery area and then sent home to heal. A draining tube will most likely be placed near the surgical site to help control swelling and bleeding. A medical sports bra will be provided for several days, allowing an improvement in blood flow to the breasts during your initial healing period. Within about a month, the breasts will settle and the post-operative side effects will diminish. The majority of our patients at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah remark that they feel less weighed down and more self-assured following their procedure. After breast reduction surgery, you can buy the clothes you have always wanted and feel confident with your new figure. It’s important to remember to stay at a healthy weight so that your results do not become negatively impacted.


How much does breast reduction surgery cost?
The cost of your breast reduction surgery will be discussed with Dr. Moore during your consultation. Once he has developed your personal treatment plan, it will be easier to estimate your costs, including the cost of anesthesia and more. Breast reduction surgery often causes a significant improvement in our patients’ lives so our team can help you find low-interest medical financing to make your treatment more affordable.

Will my nipples be moved?
In most cases, the nipples and areola will be shifted up to a higher position on the breast during your surgery. If a large amount of breast tissue and skin is being removed, your nipple-areola complex may need to be relocated as well. Dr. Moore will choose a technique (such as the anchor incision) so the nipple and areola can be positioned higher on the breast. It is also possible to reduce the size of the areola with an areolatome. All of these options will be discussed during your consultation, where Dr. Moore will assist you in your decision on the best treatment plan for your goals.

Can I breastfeed after a breast reduction?
Breast reduction surgery may affect your ability to breastfeed. While some women may still be able to breastfeed after a reduction, some cannot. It is difficult to predict whether your surgery will cause you problems with breastfeeding. For this reason, Dr. Moore recommends that patients cease having children and breastfeeding by the time they have their breast reduction surgery.

Can my breasts regrow after surgery?
After your breast reduction procedure, your breasts can get bigger or smaller with significant weight changes. This is why it’s helpful to be at a healthy, stable weight before your surgery so your results are easy for you to maintain. During your consultation, Dr. Moore will talk to you about the best ways to prepare for your surgery and what you can do afterward to ensure your happiness with your results.


Dr. Moore has helped countless women reclaim their chance at having a more active life with breast reduction surgery. During your first visit to Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah, plastic surgeon Dr. Moore will discuss all of your options to reach your desired outcome and create a custom treatment plan to fit your needs. There is no need to continue living with the discomfort or lack of confidence that can sometimes accompany oversized breasts. We invite you to call our practice in Midvale, UT to learn more about our life-changing breast reduction technique.


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