What To Know About Obalon



Lisa Metzner: The Obalon balloon system is FDA-approved, non-surgical, very strong safety profile. It’s truly going to change the way that people think about weight loss.

Lisa Whealon: I was about 270, was my heaviest, and today I’m 184. My favorite part has been the non-scale victories. I mean, it’s been fun to watch the weight come off, for sure, but the first time I was able to fly on a plane and not have to ask for the seat belt extender, I mean, who would have thought? That was such a powerful moment. I remember sitting on the plane tearing up thinking about it.

Aurora Pryor: I think one of the most remarkable findings that we had in the Obalon clinical trial is that our patients, even after the balloons came out, were able to keep the weight loss.

Amy Vandenberg: Really, one of the reasons patients loved it so much was because it worked.


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