JUVÉDERM® and Artefill® Dermal Fillers Can Accentuate Facial Features

As you grow older your skin naturally starts to lose some of its youthful tone and elasticity. The process of skin aging slows exfoliation and collagen stimulation in the deeper dermal layers, which leads to the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and other visible parts of the body. As it continues to progress your facial features might also start to soften and sag in certain places.

There are several different ways to address the noticeable appearance of skin aging. Dr. Kirk Moore and the staff at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah can perform a basic assessment to determine which options can help meet your goals.

Our surgeon may recommend dermal filler injections for patients who want to enhance or restore key facial features without surgical intervention. JUVÉDERM® and Artefill® are popular and effective dermal filler substances that can be injected into the dermal layers to add volume and improve the appearance of a facial feature. The injections can often be performed in a single appointment, and do not require sedation.

Over time the dermal filler will be safely absorbed by your body causing the enhancement to gradually fade. At that point most patients will return to Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah for a second injection.

If you live in the area surrounding Midvale, Utah, and your facial features have softened with age, you should call 801-506-6380 to set up a consultation with Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah


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