CoolSculpting® Is a Non-Surgical Method for Addressing Stubborn Fat Deposits

Dedicating yourself to improving your diet and making the effort to exercise regularly will certainly pay significant dividends with your overall health and appearance. However, many people who make significant improvements in their body composition still struggle with stubborn fat deposits.

Excess fat in the arms, specific areas of the abdomen, buttocks and lower back can be frustrating, which leaves the individual wanting to explore their options. Here at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah in Midvale, Utah, our surgeon offers several different options for addressing stubborn areas of body fat. After a basic examination and consultation, Dr. Moore can help you choose the method that is right for you.

In many of these cases a CoolSculpting® treatment can help address a specific area without the use of injections of invasive surgery. The treatment process involves our surgeon mildly freezing targeted fat cells without traumatizing surrounding tissues.

Your body will naturally absorb and eliminate the affected fat cells to gradually improve the shape and size of the stubborn fat deposit. After the treatment you will be able to return to regular activities without any undue complications.

While one treatment will provide a notable change, many patients will opt for additional CoolSculpting® treatments to accomplish their desired result.

If you live in the area surrounding Midvale, Utah, and you are struggling to deal with stubborn fat deposits, you should call 801-506-6380 to set up your free consultation at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah.


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