A Mommy Makeover Can Restore Much of Your Pre-Pregnancy Appearance

Bearing children can cause significant changes to your body as well as your lifestyle. Many women who have had one or more children will notice long-term increases in their body fat, sagging breasts, loose abdominal skin and other changes in their appearance.

Once you are done having children, you may want to consider various cosmetic procedures to address these issues to help restore the pre-pregnancy appearance of your body. During the consultation appointment, our doctor will be able to assess the nature of the imperfections you would like addressed to develop a strategy for achieving your goals.

A so-called mommy makeover can encompass a variety of treatments. The specific changes you would like may influence the number of outpatient appointments needed to achieve your goals.

With many of these cases, the patient is typically interested in making changes to the appearance of their breasts. Breast augmentation may be the preferred option for increasing the size of your breasts while also tightening the skin. A breast lift or breast reduction procedure might be the ideal choice if you would like to reduce the size of your breasts or simply heighten the profile of your bustline.

A buttock lift or buttock augmentation might be called for if your posterior has started to sag or lost its once full appearance. A gluteal lift is designed to edit the skin in the area to firm up its natural tone, while a gluteal augmentation involves inserting a special implant to increase fullness while also boosting your contours.

Many mommy makeover processes also include some form of liposuction or liposculpture to remove a modest amount of body fat or to improve the shape and contour of a stubborn area. If you have excess abdominal skin, you might also be interested in a tummy tuck.

A vaginal rejuvenation procedure can potentially address multiple factors. Also known as female genital cosmetic surgery it can encompass a labiaplasty, to reduce the size of the labia minor or labia major, which often includes a clitoral hood reduction. A monsplasty might be included in the vaginal rejuvenation process to reduce the general size of the mons pubis. A vaginoplasty might also be performed to tighten the vaginal tissues after childbirth.

Our doctor can help you understand your options based on your comfort level and personal preference.

If you are done having children and you are interested in restoring the pre-pregnancy appearance of your body, we invite you to give us a call to set up a consultation with our skilled team, and find out if a mommy-makeover is right for you.


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