Its Time For Obalon


Jasson G.: There's roughly 140 million Americans that are struggling with their weight, either overweight or obese, and up until now there's really only been two options. You either had to work out and eat less on your own or you had to get a surgical procedure.

And so for many millions of Americans there hasn't really been a viable, non-surgical choice until Obalon, and this product is really designed to be a partner. It's not going to do all the work for you. It helps give you the space to learn new healthy eating habits, but we at Obalon want to be the partner that can help you learn those habits.

Lisa Metzner: There's a bigger purpose here which is really starting to go after the obesity epidemic to make a difference in patients' lives, and we've had patients that have lost nearly 100 pounds as a result of both the balloon and then changing their lifestyle, just eating differently, exercising more and living a healthier lifestyle.

Stanley P.: We now have something to offer that's safe, that's easy, that's affordable, and it works.

Dana Goosens: This is a lifestyle change. This is not a diet. I had drastically changed my life in the last six months. This was the first time that I'm actually eating normal and I'm losing weight.

Grant Stevens: It's not only only safe and effective, but it's long term. They learn a new way of eating, a new way of living and they keep the weight off.

Moses Shieh: The side effects are minimal. The side effects to me were I actually have a picture of me eating a salad and spaghetti right after my balloon placement. I was fine, you know, and so of course I felt full fast, but I was fine.

Lisa Whealon: The whole procedure each time took just about 15 minutes. I could go in over a lunch break at work and, you know, swallow the balloon, have the procedure, and feel fine the rest of the day. So it was amazing just how quick and painless the procedure was.

I was about 270, 272 was my heaviest, and today I'm 184. I have like nine more pounds to lose so I can hit that hundred pound mark. So I'm like, I'm ready for that. I'm excited for that to happen.

Lisa Metzner: There's finally a partner to help you with your weight loss and get you to your goals faster.

Stanley P.: The most important thing to do is take that first step, you know. Every journey begins with the first step, and this is a journey and I've seen it work. I know it can work and it will work for you. So the next thing is make contact.