Allie Miller Breast Augmentation Experience with Dr. Kirk Moore

Find out why Allie chose Dr. Kirk Moore from Just The Right Curves to do her breast augmentation. Dr. Moore is a board certified plastic surgeon in Midvale, Utah. Dr. Moore specializes in Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation so that you can be back to work within 48 hours.


Allie Miller: My name is Allie Miller, and I am a very happy patient with Dr. Kirk Moore. The staff at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah make you feel like you're one of their best friends. They're all so welcoming. When I first heard of Dr. Moore, it was on the radio. I was super skeptical about the rapid recovery part, so I did a lot of research and finally decided to do a consultation. I came in here, and basically Dr. Moore was super easy to work with. He made you feel really comfortable, explained the entire process and made you realize that it wasn't this crazy thing.

It was simple, and I got super excited about it, wanted to do it right away. Dr. Moore's awesome. He's an incredible surgeon. I would recommend him to every single person. I've talked to random people about him. I've talked to my friends about him. Everything that I've dealt with with Dr. Moore has been perfect and I'm very thrilled with the results.