Just The Right Curves - A day with Dr. Moore

Follow board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kirk Moore on his morning routine followed by a day in the office with consultation for Breast augmentation and lift.


Dr. Kirk Moore: My plan today is go to the gym, come back, take a shower. Go to the office. So, here's what my dogs do. They just carry stuff around. They don't chew on it. They just carry it around. Right? And it's not you, is it? It's Nike that does it. Come here, Nickles. Come here. Yeah, you leave my stuff alone, huh? You leave my stuff alone. All right. I'll be back in a little bit.

Michael was cleaning out my car yesterday. I tell you what man, those dogs they are the best. They don't pay any attention to you leaving or coming. They just sit back there and they just watch.

8:15, there's nobody here.

Speaker 2: Hello.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Good morning.

Speaker 2: Good morning.

Dr. Kirk Moore: I'm good. How are you doing?

Speaker 2: Good.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Get my back loosened up.

Speaker 2: Look. It's super fun. (Music) 200 then how many downward snatches you guys did.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Brutal.

Speaker 2: So add up your total reps or give me your total-

Dr. Kirk Moore: Shower time. All right. It's now into the house, take a shower, get ready to go to the office and get some work done. All right. Good girl. You've never put anything in your mouth have you, except for food. Just the food. Yeah. Okay. They just sit there and stare at you.

Okay. Just got done with my workout and then the office, clinic day. Consultations, pre-ops, some followups from past surgeries, paperwork. Okay. Here at the office. I like to walk around to my OR when I come into my office. Okay. This is my office. Fancy huh?

Speaker 3: So, we're going to head into a consultation with our first patient of today. Hello. What we're going to do is we're going to go over some medical history, your medical history, family history, that type of thing. I'll talk to you about the procedure, the way that Dr. Moore differs in the way that he does the procedure which I'm sure you've already heard a lot about because your friends, lots of friends have been here.

And then we'll have you get changed into a robe and Dr. Moore will come in and talk to you. He'll take some measurements and those measurements give us an idea of the range of sizes that will fit within your [inaudible] that you'll get to try on and kind of see the look that you like and the size so-

Erica: All right.

Speaker 3: Because you're on the schedule tomorrow for surgery correct?

Erica: Yes.

Speaker 3: So exciting.

Speaker 3: Erica, Sean this is Dr. Moore.

Sean: How are you?

Dr. Kirk Moore: Nice to meet you, Boy, you're tall. Okay. Hi Erica, nice to meet you.

Erica: Nice to meet you.

Dr. Kirk Moore: So you guys are from Elko, is that right?

Erica: Yes.

Dr. Kirk Moore: Okay. Brenda was telling me this story. We have this joke all the time-

Sean: About Elko. I don't doubt that.

Dr. Kirk Moore: No. We got one about that too but you must be new to Elko because I thought I'd already operated on everybody over there. You were looking at augmentation, maybe lift if you need it. I think... is that what it was? And then you were also talking about maybe a chemical peel, is that what I understand?

Erica: Yes. Some [inaudible] especially around my eyebrows, the furrow, just squinting.

Dr. Kirk Moore: So I just say Erica. She came in from Elko Nevada and she's going to be getting a breast augmentation and a lift. And we also talked about a number of other things, Botox, chemical peels, those kinds of things and the benefits and drawbacks of each one of them. So she's scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I do that for some of my clients that are out of town so that they come in for their consultation, have surgery the next day and then their followup the day after that.

All right. Another successful clinic day today. Saw, I don't know, 20, 20 or so people. Cosmetic patients, consultations, pre-ops, post-ops. Had two people come in from out of town scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Both of them are getting a lift augmentation. I think another one is going to get lift augmentation and tummy tuck all together.

And so tomorrow I've got one, two, three, four, five, six surgeries scheduled. The lift augmentation/tummy tuck, the lift augmentation. Another lift augmentation and then three breast augmentations so busy day tomorrow. Hopefully be done by two.