Just The Right Curves - Heather, Practice Manager

Heather describes what it's like to work with Dr. Moore and his passion for a rapid recovery breast augmentation procedure. www.JustTheRightCurves.com


Heather: I think from the clinical side of things, since I've worked with him in the OR in the past, it's just nice and refreshing to see a surgeon that is really meticulous, focused on his surgical outcome. So I think his passion is mainly his rapid recovery, I feel like because rapid recovery is his, something that he has just like he holds really dear to his heart and that he always wants to change anytime there's a new innovation in rapid recovery. He's always interested in learning tha, applying that and most of it is based in his patient practice and how he wants the outcome to be for elective surgery to be pain free. That's his main thing is pain free surgery. So the really great thing about his procedure is that, well, first of all, his anesthesia is super unique. It's great to see patients wake up feeling somewhat back to normal, a little loopy, but back to normal and not a lot of pain. And the next day you hear our clients come in and say, "Yeah, I went to dinner that evening. And you know, we went to a movie, we went shopping for a bra." And you could tell that they were excited that it's everything that we promised them.