Personnel - Our Talented Team

Brooke – Master Aesthetician

Brooke, our resident master aesthetician at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah, strives to provide the highest level of attentive care when it comes to treating our patients. She utilizes her keen, artistic eye to help men and women achieve their nonsurgical goals. She is driven by her passion for helping patients discover their inner beauty. Providing stunning, natural results for everyone put into her care, Brooke is an asset to our capable team and treasures the positive impact she has had on the lives of many.

Heather – Practice Manager

Heather is our hardworking practice manager at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah. She works diligently to ensure that our internal operations run smoothly at all times. Heather is responsible for much of the office's planning and coordinating, and she oversees the rest of our talented personnel. She is a pivotal member of our practice family, going to great lengths to guarantee that our patients receive everything they need to have an unforgettable experience at our Midvale, UT office.

Rachel – Surgical Assistant

Working closely alongside Dr. Moore, Rachel is the skilled surgical assistant at our plastic surgery facility. Rachel is involved with our many patients throughout every step of their surgical process. During procedures, she makes sure that Dr. Moore has all of the tools he needs. She takes great pride in providing the highest standard of patient care to every man and woman who visits our home office, and the knowledge that she brings to the table is invaluable. Led by her drive to help patients realize their cosmetic goals, Rachel works hard to ensure that everyone in her care is comfortable and satisfied.

Sherry – Client Coordinator

Acting as the direct liaison between our patients and our office, Sherry uses her years of experience to guide men and women throughout their journeys here at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah. Her goal with every patient is to give them the tools and knowledge they need to thrive during both inpatient and outpatient care. She works closely with all of our clients, leading them through the consultation, procedure, and recovery processes. Sherry's reliable guidance makes those in her care feel at ease, and her warm, friendly personality is a welcomed addition to our Midvale, UT practice. She treasures the relationships she has built with our many clients over the years.

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